Agricultural Logisitics, Management And Distribution System

One of Regional IT’s specialties is the development of the Agricultural Logistics, Management and Distribution System (ALMADS), originally developed for the Australian and American nut industries. Our flagship system has evolved into a solution for many Agricultural commodities. ALMADS is a suite of modules that has been developed to efficiently manage food processing companies from a single site, single plant operation to multi-site, multi-plant operations. ALMADS has so far proven itself to be an integral part of the Ag Processing industries managing Hulling, Shelling, Storage, Drying, Sorting & Packing processes providing tools to improve efficiency and traceability for the whole operation. The biggest point of difference between ALMADS and most other process management systems is the way data is captured live in the processing plants and using barcode and RFID technology. Regional IT and ALMADS has also been certified by the State of California (CDFA), Department of Food and Agriculture for weighing and measuring devices which allows us to provide certified Weight Certificates. Many of our competitors do not have this certification.


Features of the new all-encompassing holistic version of ALMADS Enterprise:

• Incoming Stock Receiving with B2B

• Process Tracking and Food Safety Traceability

• Plant PLC Integration

• Warehousing and Inventory Control

• Ordering and Shipping

• Accounting / ERP System Integration

• Web Portals and Cloud Solutions

• Fully Scalable and Customizable