I am a small almond huller/sheller, would your ALMADS program still suit me?

Yes, most definitely. ALMADS can be customised to suit both large and small operations.

Do I have to purchase all modules of ALMADS, or can I pick and choose?

Yes, you can certainly pick and choose the modules you require, although there are some that would be required to allow the program to function effectively.

Can our Californian weight certificates be legal through the ALMADS program?

Yes, Regional IT & the ALMADS program have been certified by the State of California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) Division of Measurement Standards to supply legal weight certificates.  Many of our competitors do not have this certification.

I have a business that, from searching your website & current programs, none of these programs would suit my business, can you still help me?

Absolutely! Regional IT build custom software to suit you and your business.

Our company is not based in your area, how can you offer us great service?

Regional IT uses state of the art technology, and majority of service requirements can be effectively handled right here from our office in Adelaide via remote connection to your site. This has been proven by our large number of satisfied clients based all over Australia and in California, USA over the last 11 years.

Can software you develop be linked with other software packages?

Yes it can, provided there are the capabilities provided by the other software package. Regional IT currently has clients that use Regional IT developed software to talk with MYOB Accounting Software and MAS90 Accounting software.

The software I require is not listed as one you have developed before, can you develop an entirely new software that would suit our business?

Absolutely, we custom build software to suit any type of business to meet your requirements.

Does your company sell or share our data?

Absolutely not!  We will not, at any time sell or share your confidential data.  We take confidentiality very seriously at Regional IT, and want to protect your data in the same way we want to protect our software from being shared or copied.