2020 has been a year that most of us would prefer to forget.  In these unprecedented times, businesses have had to make decisions that will see them survive and prosper in the future.

One of the biggest decisions we made this year was to fully redevelop ALMADS Hulling and Shelling System (ALMADS_HS) into a platform that was fully configurable and at the same time, flexible to cater for large variations in our clients’ requirements.

We embarked on:

  • Fully redesigning the database from the ground up
  • Built a new configurable windows core system
  • Created new web based terminal interfaces for plant operations
  • Overhauled our reporting system to run though a browser
  • Provided access to processor reports online
  • Created a brand new Grower Portal, with dashboard and reporting
  • Created a brand new Handler Portal for Handlers to view inventory

This has been an enormous undertaking and we are very proud of what we have now developed.
A number of Californian Almond Hullers have used this new redeveloped system for their 2020 harvest and have been very pleased with the results.

We have not stopped there, we are currently working on our ALMADS_Enterprise System which will follow the same steps as ALMADS_HS to provide our Processors and Huller / Sheller Processors with the same flexibility, ease of use and robust system that the ALMADS_HS clients are experiencing.

Stay tuned!